We will cheers to this news. Rochester has been named one of the world's top 10 beer destinations for 2019 by, a wine, beer and spirits focused media company. 

You can view VinePair’s list of the top 10 beer destinations in the world in its entirety here.

jul 8, 2019 - Rochester has reinvented itself as the Northeast's best beer town ... But hidden on the Erie Canal between Albany and Buffalo sits the hands-down best beer city in the ... Rochester, New York, and its 208,000 residents have the most ... Then along came a little thing called the digital camera, an


Here I appeared as a guest beer consultant on the Foodable Network (a online channel that showcases food and adult drink industry mold breakers) for professionals and enthusiasts to learn from. This episode focused on U.S. wine and craft beer trends. I appeared after the wine expert and share my insights at about minute (11:21).